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 In an age of technology and globalization, schools are pressed to make radical changes in their organization. English education with emphasis on the four core skills, ICT development and branding are especially urgent. It is important that each school forms a School Identity (SI), highlighting their strengths and differentiating themselves from their competitors. Japan Leading Corporation will start by surveying to clarify important points in reforming and improving your school, then create a set of goals to be met. We will support the planning, implementation and evaluation of each step towards these goals, offering practical consultation in all areas.

We wish you
A fun place to learn for students
A smooth educational experience for parents
An environment full of growth for teachers
Business Outline
JLC Consulting
Japan Leading Corporation will support your school by providing four key services: People (teacher training & dispatching), Things (teaching materials), Money (school management) and Substance (planning and running of various programs).
Edu Constulting

(for schools and businesses)

Educational Consulting,
Business Education Services and Product Planning/Development


e-STREAMS Materials


Online Study Material
Overall English Acquisition App
“e-ULTRAKIDS powered by DynEd”
JL Staff Service

Dispatching Educational Employees
and International Employees

Dispatching of native/bilingual
English teachers
Ultrakids School


Kids’ English Classes
Learning with the five senses

Educational Consulting Services

We will create inward and outward plans for client schools to match their needs, such as curriculum and syllabus development, attracting potential students/parents, and approaching private cram schools. We can provide everything needed in the reformation of a school or business organization: People (teachers, teacher training), Supplies (teaching materials) and Financial Value (planning and management).

Schools and Educational Institutions

Meeting the various demands of school management, consulting “actions and results.”
  • School Branding
  • English & Global Understanding
  • 21st-Century Education
    (ICT English Education)
  • Technology-based Education
  • PISA-based Problem Solving
  • Economic/Entrepreneur Education
  • School Management Assistance
    (gathering students and advertising)
  • Designing Unique Educational Characteristics

[Past Achievements] University management and organization reform (University), Strategies for attached schools (University), Saturday school for returnee students (Jr. & Sr. High), Saturday English program for elementary students (Jr. & Sr. High), Forming international courses (Elementary, Jr. & Sr. High), Immersion education (Jr. & Sr. High), Establishment of a newly founded school (Elementary), Planning for specialization in English education, Dispatchment of IB program staff (Jr. & Sr. High), Partnerships with foreign schools and International school trips (Jr. & Sr. High, University), Integrated English education reformation (Pre - High), International Preschools, Training sessions, etc.

Schools, Educational Institutions and Businesses

An Educational Bridge Company
Connecting Academic Institutions with Businesses 
  • Planning Domestic & International School Trips
  • Educational CSR Support
  • Social Contribution Programs
  • Active Learning ProgramsCollaborative Projects Tying Schools and BusinessesCoordination of Out-of-the-classroom Lessons

[Past Achievements] Planning school trips to Chicago and Seattle (High school), University of New Zealand & Internship study tour (University), Economic education programs by companies (Jr. & Sr. High), Problem solving fieldwork at companies (Jr. & Sr. High), etc.


JLC Future Children


Our grasp on “What services/products are in demand” comes from experience in academic areas, and provides consultation in marketing, planning and development
  • Educational Services & Product Planning/Development
  • English Materials, ICT Materials, Digital Materials for all subjects
  • Collaborative and Cooperative Projects
  • Practical English Programs
    (combining dispatched teachers and e-Learning)
  • Various Business Training Sessions

[Past Achievements] Educational Program (newspaper company), Marketing & promotion of foreign teaching materials/textbooks (overseas manufacturer), Infant English materials (domestic manufacturer), Planning & Development of e-Learning systems (overseas & domestic manufacturers), Planning & Development of educational software (domestic manufacturer), Educational facility planning (domestic company), Economic education curriculum from businesses to schools (domestic company), etc.


*About 10-minute walk from the Kintestu 'Ogura' Station (on the Kyoto-Nara Line).
*About a 10-minute walk from the Kintestu 'Iseda' Station (on the Kyoto-Nara Line).
*About a 12-minute walk from the JR 'Ogura' Station (on the Kyoto-Nara Line).
*From the 'OGURA IC' exit of the Keiji Bypass Expressway, it takes about 5 minutes by car or motorcycle.
*From Route 1, it's about 4 kilometers east from the 'Mori' Intersection.
*From old Route 24, it's about 1.5 kilometers west to the 'Yawata' Prefectural Road.

Japan Leading Corporation    JAPAN LEAD CO.,LTD.

President: Masaki Yasumoto
Location : 51 - 3 Ijiri Iseda-cho Uji-city Kyoto, 611-0043 JAPAN
Phone : +81-774-44-4398   Education Division Direct TEL : +81-774-44-3929          FAX : +81-774-44-9643
Capitalization : \ 18 million (JP)
Line of Business : 
■ School Education & Management Consulting
■ Education Solutions Development (ESD)
■ Educational Planning & Marketing
International Educational Materials
■ Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
■ ESL (English as a Second Language) Educational Program “ULTRAKIDS”
■ Multimedia Technology Educational Program “DIGITALKIDS”
■ Educational Training Services

■ Human Resources/ (Employment Services and Personal Development) for School Education and International Business Consulting
Business Started:   June, 1963   Established:   December, 1967

JLC Building